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Different Times Same Car
All these images are of the same vehicle passing the same spot under different conditions

24 hours a day - everyday

Because it mists, because it rains, because the year moves on and the sun drops low, because the nights are dark and the headlights glare, because the wet road shines, because there are a multitude of changing conditions but just one requirement – recognise the number plate.

Advanced camera technology

Incorporating HD image quality, motorized zoom, high speed ANPR recognition and maxIRange™ pulsed IR lighting in one efficient unit, the MAV IQ range sets new standards for intelligent ANPR cameras.

Comprehensive web backend

Intuitive web based interface accessible locally or remotely allowing a full range of analysis, monitoring and automation tools for single or multiple sites.  Extensive onboard storage with automatic store and forward functionality ensures zero data loss between the camera and the backend.

Integrated ANPR intelligence

By performing the ANPR recognition within the camera network traffic is massively reduced. Real time recognition is performed on raw high definition images at full frame rate and will work for all traffic speeds.  Multiple plate tracking, direction, advanced de-skew and yaw correction, character spacing validation and country of origin matching.

ANPR support

UK, US, Ireland, European, Australian and NZ plate recognition. Format / state / country preference. Programmable syntax. Inbuilt training.

Workflow and device control

Device configuration for flexible communication to any IP device. Control of LED signage, gates, speakers, IP cameras via multiple criteria.

Extensive searching

Date ranges, specific plates, blacklists, location, access allowed, denied or out of hours, partial plate, actual speed or over speed limit, occupancy.

Third party software integration

Automated exchange of information via HTTP, TCP/IP and JSON messages triggered by event criteria.

Exports, reports and privacy

PDF/CSV exports by date range or any search criteria. Full search archives. Variable data retention periods for META data and images.

Secure network

Optional communications module (3G/4G/WiFi WAN/LAN) with full VPN security, cloud based device control.

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